Investor's Relation

Fin. Year: 2023

Format Title
super clone watches
MSL 28 AGM Proceeding

Fin. Year: 2022

Format Title
super clone rolex
MSL 27 AGM BSE Proceeding Intimation

Fin. Year: 2021

Format Title
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Fin. Year: 2020

Format Title
Transcript of AGM
Proceeding of 26th AGM Held on November 05, 2020

Fin. Year: 2019

Format Title
outcome of AGM

Fin. Year: 2018

Format Title
Proceeding of 24th AGM Held on September 27, 2018

Fin. Year: 2017

Format Title
outcome of 23rd AGM

Fin. Year: 2016

Format Title
outcome of 22nd AGM

Fin. Year: 2015

Format Title
outcome of 21st AGM

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